Monday, March 4, 2013

Action is My Middle Name

Monday is behind me and this week is shaping up to be very busy. I have three distinct jobs to do. I say jobs because each one will require something akin to full time commitment.

I have a high-profile BD/DVD project I'm working on, I have to capture "hours" of video for a sizzle reel, and I also have to do creative and advise on other people's work for this new game so that a polished, playable demo is ready by Friday morning.

I was able to capture some footage for the sizzle reel, and it seems to be a lot more manageable than I had originally anticipated. I basically broke down all the shots that were listed in the spot and organized them into digestible chunks. The sources range from the PS3 to an iPad to a PC, and using a Gefen scaler I'm able to capture to my Mac via HD-SDI. The catch is I have to be actively using the apps and websites, so I can't just put it on auto-pilot. I may farm this work out to someone else as the week goes on and other deadlines loom.

The new game has us all excited and the Design team is going to be ready to show some of their work tomorrow. I was busy most of the day updating our internal wiki with guidelines for the designers. Matt and I also showed the designers how to use the Mantis bug tracking software; creating an entry, assigning it to a designer, and how to resolve and close out an issue.

What do I have in common with Quentin Tarantino? We both had floor seats at the Staples Center for Morrissey on Friday night. I briefly imagined a conversation where I chided him for not getting back to me with his approvals on a certain project. However, I realized it would not have been nearly as funny in reality as the poor guy was instantly mobbed the moment the lights came up.

I was trying to make my way back from whence I'd come when event staff told me to turn around and go another way. Someone was down on the floor, clearly injured. I passed a pair of EMTs who were wheeling in a stretcher on my way out the doors. It was actually the second stretcher I'd seen brought out that night. Some kind of fight had broken out in the section next to me about 3/4 of the way through the show.

For some reason, the Morrissey show required more EMTs and stretchers than the Marilyn Manson concert last week. Morrissey himself was blissfully unaware of any disturbances, however Manson's show at the Nokia was much smaller and intimate, so he felt the need to address the combatants. What are you tusslin' over? Are you tusslin' over a woman? Are you tusslin' over me?

Is Paul playing NIN's 'hurt' at the onset of this clip?

I'm looking forward to seeing the design concepts tomorrow and hopefully I'll get to make a few assets myself before the day is out.