Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I finally had a breakthrough today with a character I've been working on for months. I had been struggling for a few weeks (before the holiday break and again afterward) with an issue importing into Unity3D. The character came out looking like a misshapen pancake, whereas previous iterations looked just fine. I had added joints and skin weights to the skeletal structure, so I was certain it was something along those lines which had affected it, causing the model to implode on itself when added to the scene.

After some headaches and much Google searching, Matt was able to find me some good posts to check; a couple threads suggested to uncheck 'Segment Scale Compensate' in every single joint. I was skeptical, saving the model beforehand with a new iteration number lest I screw something up royally (or if there were no effects shown) and have to revert.

This turned out to be what I needed to do. Why it's on by default, what it does... doesn't really concern me. I can look it up later.


I'm still working on texturing and I'm hoping to go with a higher-poly final result, but at least I'm no longer looking at a smashed, inverted lump when it's in the game world.